World Vision

World Vision

As a church we support a number of organisations and missionaries through financial and prayer support. Mission for us is taking the message of Jesus Christ to those who need to hear in this country and beyond. Each month we choose an organisation to pray for and have a number of mission focused Sunday evening meetings throughout the year.

Slavic Gospel Association is an evangelical non-denominational mission committed to working in partnership with local churches across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 

Upton Baptist Church hosts the annual SGA Northern Conference which includes a visit from a pastor from Eastern Europe or Central Asia to speak about the work.

We also help with the support of two pastor missionaries in Moldova.   One has started a small church plant in a village near the northern city of Bălți. There are also many significant practical needs for some people in the village which they try to meet, though the need is great.

The other, based in the main church in Bălți,  has a ministry with Ukrainian refugees in the city. They seek to provide both practical and spiritual help in the form of food and supplies as well as weekly meetings.  He is also involved in weekly ministry among the young people. 

Grace Baptist Mission is committed to helping Grace Baptist churches in the UK support their missionaries worldwide. GBM missionaries work in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and in the UK. 

Upton Baptist Church specifically supports two elements of GBM’s work:

Radio: GBM produces radio programmes in French that teach the fundamentals of Christian doctrine for both new and untaught believers, predominantly broadcast by over a hundred radio stations throughout French-speaking Africa. They also produce programmes in English that are aimed at helping pastors and church leaders study the Scriptures and prepare sermons.

Reuben and Cathy Saywell working together with an established church, are seeking to church plant in Santa Maria, in the province of Bulacan just north of Manila in the Philippines.  They have already developed a ministry to those in their community, currently through local bible study groups, and to those in a local prison.

Carey Outreach Ministries and Carey International Pastoral Training is a cutting edge ministry, working in places where theological resources are not readily available, such as Nepal, Mongolia, Cuba and Egypt, spreading reformed truth in areas without established theological training centres. Their passion is to encourage, equip and empower spiritual leaders who influence hundreds of churches and many thousands of people.

Chester Schools Christian Work seeks to demonstrate and share the love of God through promoting the personal and spiritual development of children and young people in Chester schools. They regularly reach around 9000 children and young people in some capacity each year, which is roughly half of the school population of Chester. A team from Upton Baptist Church regularly takes “Open the Book” assemblies in the local primary school.

Every day, millions of Christians risk their lives to follow Jesus. In more than 70 countries, Open Doors supports them by supplying Bibles, providing emergency relief and helping persecuted believers stand strong for the long-term. In the UK and Ireland, Open Doors helps the church to pray, give and speak out for those who share our faith but not our freedom. 


Caring For Life is a Christian charity established in 1987 to “Share the Love of Jesus” with at-risk and hurting people, including those who are homeless. Through providing long-term support, homes and friendship, they gradually help people to move on from past heartache and hardship towards a happier future. 


Daniel and Kathleen Gula have been working in Nigeria with the Church of Christ in Nations (formally Sudan United Mission S.U.M) for over 50 years. When Boko Haram came to their home town, Gwoza, they had to flee with other Christians, losing almost everything in the process  They are now In the Plateau State, involved with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).  They have built 11 houses  for IDPs, and have sponsors for about 100 children (Nursery through to University) and 20 widows.


Branko and Rada After serving as a Baptist Pastor in southern Serbia, Branko began church planting in his hometown in the Eastern part of Serbia and started a House Church in their home. Branko also sought to spread the Gospel to other places in the area, and three new churches and three house groups were planted.   With other pastors, a permanent Christian Camp Centre was later established and is now used for youth and children gatherings, family and married couple conferences, and other ministries.


Derek and Audrey Newton previously worked in theological teaching with OMF International in Indonesia, the Philippines and Glasgow. Since ‘retirement’ from OMF. Derek has continued lecturing in expository and evangelistic preaching at Faith Mission Bible College, and in mission and New Testament studies at Edinburgh Theological Seminary. He is also involved in producing sermon material for ministers at “Preachers’ Gatherings”, where Audrey runs a parallel programme for the spouses.


Steve and Tibby Westcott have served with Ethnos360 (formerly NTM) since 1984, spending over 20 years in Papua New Guinea.  They returned to join the US home staff in 2007, where Steve is part of the security team training missionaries in risk management and safety procedures.  Tibby was part of the child safety and MK Care and Education teams, but retired in 2020 to teach in a local Christian school.  Steve technically retired in December, but continues to volunteer for Ethnos360 and two similar organisations.


Liz Rajo is a women’s worker for UFM worldwide, providing pastoral support to missionary women who are serving in cross-cultural ministry. This involves making regular contact via WhatsApp or Zoom to chat and to encourage these women to draw strength from the Lord in the day to day challenges of cross-cultural life and ministry. The highlight of the job is visiting women in their country of service, experiencing their setting and ministry first hand.


John and Asha Chacko run a small orphanage called Daya Vihar in Malad, on the northern side of Mumbai, India.  Originally with OM, John and Asha were burdened to care for children who lived on the railway tracks around the city.  They started with a Sunday School, but began to take a number of children into their home.  Many children have come to faith over the years They now care for about 20 boys. John also pastors a church in Kandivili, a neighbouring district.


The Grace Third World Fund provides spiritual and financial support for a gospel-driven work near Vizakhapatnam in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.  A children’s home with space for 100 orphaned or abandoned children, a respected Christian school and a Grace Baptist church share a common plot of land called “Promised Land”.  The children’s home has so far been unable to reopen after Covid because of a government block on the supply of funds from outside India.


One of our members, Chris Lawley, is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for OM UK. There are over 3 billion people yet to hear the Gospel, the majority of whom live in communities and regions of the world where there simply is no Gospel witness. Many men, women and children will therefore live and die never having met a follower of Jesus or know him as their Lord and Saviour. Chris oversees the UK Partner Ministry team making sure that OM engages with all its supporters, ensuring they are kept fully up to date of all the projects being carried out across the 147 countries that OM represent.